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Our Whys

Paint Colors

We are immigrants to Canada, bi-cultural and now exposed to cultural diversity.  

As such, we know, feel and experience the intricate yet beautiful tapestry of colors that is multiculturalism.  We feel there's a dearth of real qualitative researchers who can truly relate. 


That's why we're here.  At Curious Ears, we want to help you understand and be relevant to this growing segment poised to explode in the very near future.  




Our Services

A well thought-out design is the foundation of useful research. 

We'll collaborate to identify the problem that brought about the need for research, how the results will be used and design the study approach accordingly.


We can skillfully facilitate consumer engagements via tested techniques that elicit insightful responses.  

With our multicultural resource, discussions and interviews can be done in different languages.  

Using context, critical thinking and cultural cues, we will collaboratively generate insights to make actionable recommendations crucial for successful decision-making.  

Our Methods

Live Focus Groups and Depth Interviews

Traditional yet never gets old!


Live focus groups and depth interviews provide marketers the ability to have participants interact with the product or service itself, giving participants the chance to experience it first-hand, which no other qualitative methodology can offer.  

Though online methods are gaining popularity, the unique and valuable social dynamics formed in a group setting and the richness of stories that often spurs deeper conversation in one-on-one interviews would always remain in the qualitative toolbox.

Online Learning.

Online Bulletin Boards

Quick turnaround time and cost-efficient


Our state-of-the-art online platform is designed like a blank canvas capable of being used in many ways to suit your research needs.  Participants are given tasks and activities to complete, at their own pace, in as short as three days. 


So, if you need to test concepts/ communications/ ads or want to ‘virtually’ immerse with your consumers or simply want to track consumer behaviour through diaries/ journaling – we’ve got you covered!  In just one platform, it has endless applications guaranteed to yield greater insights, with quick turnaround time and at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional qualitative techniques.

Business Meeting

Cyber Focus Groups

Powerful group discussions at the comfort of their own home


Video-based online focus groups, though virtual, can ‘humanize’ the experience by letting all participants, linked through webcams, see each other and the moderator is able to share concepts/ designs through a screen share by loading up stimulus ideas onto a screen.


As participants join in the discussion from their own environments, they tend to be more at ease and are able to convey what they truly feel without getting influenced by others’ body language or reactions.

Types of Engagements

  • Concept development

  • Ad assessment

  • Communications building

  • Consumer profiling

  • Brand diagnostics

  • Company imagery

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